We have developed a program to provide unions with the best programs at the best prices for their members. Bucketpay is not the insurance provider; rather, we are the financial service organization that enables union organizations to offer more options to their members at the same discounts provided to larger companies without the hassle of negotiating for these benefits.

We save you the headaches of:

  • Negotiating with businesses for voluntary benefits
  • Streamlining multi-employer benefits
  • Worrying about premium reconciliations
  • Multiple administrative offices handling benefits

We bring value to the union by:

  • Bringing benefits to your members via a program designed by the union and for the union
  • Broadening the selection of benefits for your members
  • Developing programs that provide a single coverage, regardless of number of employers
  • Eliminating any need for the union to be involved in the reconciliation of premiums

Bucketpay enables unions to take control of voluntary benefits with an easy administrative process.

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Please note: The Bucketpay office is a payment facilitation office; WE DO NOT HANDLE OR PROCESS ANY CLAIMS, but would be happy to direct you to the appropriate contact with your carrier.