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As a union president, I believe BucketPay puts the concerns of the members first. Our members appreciate having more options to their benefits, but negotiating for additional benefits or payroll deductions can be a long process. BucketPay makes it easy. Our members should have access to all the discounts and benefits available to them. BucketPay makes that happen. They also provide the customer service our members expect from our vendors. I would recommend BucketPay.

Michael Hughes

I am a UPS driver and a Teamsters member. I can tell you from personal experience that BucketPay provides service from the beginning to the end. When I needed help, they answered the phone and diligently followed up with me to make sure my claim was paid. From my experience, I know they care about their members.

Kenny Patterson

As president of CWA local 3640 I believe BucketPay provides the service and support our members expect. They made the decision of adding or changing benefits fun and exciting. BucketPay goes out of its way to handle questions or issues in a timely manner. I would recommend them as a partner to any union for members' benefits.

Vickey P. Hoots President