Bucketpay is a process by which you can offer multiple voluntary benefits to your employees without the hassle of reconciling multiple carrier invoices.

We are acutely aware of the stresses that Human Resource offices go through to manage their day to day operations.  Our goal is to diminish or eliminate the need for reconciliation of benefit premiums for vendors.

When Human Resource offices are able to reduce the back end administration that accompanies additional benefits offerings, voluntary benefits become much more attractive. Yearly polls indicate that employees place higher priority on benefits than on salaries. We understand that a benefit-rich environment comes with additional administrative responsibilities as well.

Bucketpay is the solution to your reconciliation needs. With Bucketpay, the employee maintains the right to decide what he or she wants and makes payment through personal direct deposit. No extra hassles!

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Please note: The Bucketpay office is a payment facilitation office; WE DO NOT HANDLE OR PROCESS ANY CLAIMS, but would be happy to direct you to the appropriate contact with your carrier.